Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sell Rosario - A Katholic Rosary

Sell ​​Rosary of wood kokka.
- Material: Wooden Kokka
- Diameter: 9mm, and modification of 5mm
- Length: 30cm
- Price: Rp.350.000, - / pc
Also provides with a diameter of 6mm, 8mm, 10mm,

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Moslem Rosary - Stigi / Santigi

Sell Moslem Rosary wood Stigi.
- Materials : Wood Stigi, nylon yarn
- Diameter : 8mm.
- Plastic Packaging
- Price: Rp. 450.000, - / Kodi
- Retail price: Rp. 35.000, -/pc

provides a variety of sizes, such as: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm

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About Secang - a tropical forest timber from Indonesia

Wood Secang which in Latin language CAESALPINIA SAPPAN L, long since grown wild and is usually used for plant communities guardrail. Secang living in rocky mountainous areas that do not have too cold and the plant is living up to an altitude of 1000 m above sea level.

Cup has a tree height of 5 to 10 m, has prickly stems and branches outboard that looks crooked and lying scattered. Cup-shaped sticks, brownish green. Double pinnate compound leaves, 25-40 cm long, 10-20 pairs of leaflets which was situated opposite. Children are not stemmed leaves, oval shaped, base rompang, rounded edges, flat edge and almost parallel, 10-25 mm long, 3-11 mm wide, green color. Panicle-shaped flowers are compound interest, out of the end of the shaft with a length of 10-40 cm, crown shape of a tube, the color yellow. The fruit pods, 8-10 cm long, 3-4 cm wide, beak-like tip contains 3-4 seeds, when ripe black. Seeds rounded elongated, 15-18 mm long, 8-1 1 mm wide, 5-7 mm thick, yellow-brown. Timber harvest can be done from age 1-2 years.

Wood cup has various properties, among others: as a dye in plaiting materials, cakes, drinks or as ink. Because the wood will give you a cup if boiled red young ivory. In addition to the above properties, the wood cup was also believed to cure various diseases. Some diseases can be treated are: Diarrhea, dysentery, tuberculosis, injuries, syphilis, dirty blood, dysentery, bruises bleeding, malaria, tetanus, tumors, inflammation of the lining of the eyes of lenders.

The content contained on the wooden cup:: Acid gallate, tannins, resins, resorsin, brasilin, brasilein, d-alpha-phellandrene, oscimene, essential oils. Leaf: 0.16% -0.20% volatile oil which smelled delicious and almost colorless, and has a pharmacological effect is to stop the bleeding, blood cleansing, detoxifying and as an antiseptic.

Secang we produce wooden handicraft with various forms, among others: flakes, bars, Muslim prayer beads, rosary, prayer beads buddha. we were able to work with various models of preference.

About Agarwood / Gaharu / Eaglewood

Often we hear people mention the word aloes, but we never know what it really is Agarwood? Agarwood is a kind of wood that contains sweet-smelling resin with a variety of distinctive shapes and colors derived from gaharu-producing trees.

Agarwood trees are mostly of this type of Aquilaria sp, Aetoxylon sympetallum, Gyrinops sp, and sp Gonystylus that grow naturally and then die as a result of the infection process of molds phialophora parasitica either naturally or artificially in the tree, resin contained in gaharu wood is usually a sap solid color soft black and brownish. with a strong aroma.

Aloes are grouped into 3 (three) sortimen, namely pig Agarwood, and ash kemedangan aloes.
  1. Agarwood is a pig pig wood from Agarwood-producing trees that contain resin with a fragrant aroma that is rather strong. Usually the color was black or blackish brown alternate.
  2. Kemedangan is wood from trees producing Agarwood with resin content of grayish white to brown and smell fragrant with the scent of the weak. crude fiber, and wood is rather soft.
  3. Agarwood Powder dust is a result of the grinding process the remains of wood chips or wooden Agarwood.

Agarwood is obtained by means pick it up at the aloe tree that had died from an infection in the tree, causing the mastic. Aloe tree is felled and then cut or cleaved to find the timber that contains a collection of mastic. Then the pieces are scraped off so that the colors looked clear and collected in accordance with the content damarnya. for further proceedings.

Meanwhile, gaharu wood splinters remaining cutting, cleaning and pengerokan, reassembled to make an ash maker aloes. The benefits of aloe from the first used as incense fragrances in the event of certain religious rirual, medicine and cosmetics. Then the use of aloe as well until the ingredients making perfume, soap, body lotion, aromatherapy and others. The selling price of gaharu is expensive in the market and began scarcity gaharu trees in natural forests is a second major factor is the reason cultivation of aloe. Usually gaharu tree species are often cultivated Aquilaria malaccenss because the smell its aroma is a favorite middle eastern population. . So the price becomes expensive in international markets.

About Kokka / kaukah / hoka hoka

Kokka / kaukah / hoka hoka / Kokka wood has a characteristic shiny, although not using the melamine or camphor, are increasingly being used more and more shiny. and also has a heavier weight than other wood.

Wood Is that you are one of very old wood its history, the time of Noah's time, he got a boat with the material of the wood Is that you, the time of prophet Musa time, he showed miracles with his stick made ​​of wood you the one time against the witch king Pharaoh, time Shu'aib prophet and the prophet as well as Sulaeman narrated that he used the wood kaukah.Kalau in view of the already well-known history of prayer beads you the one whose name so do not be surprised if till today many who want it with the excuse to take his blessing.

Did you wood imported directly from Egypt, and currently we are producing woodcraft Is that you with a variety of forms, among others: Bracelets, Muslim prayer beads, rosary, prayer beads buddha. We were able to work with various models of preference.